A game of light and shadow

Location: Prague, Czech

Service: Architectural Concept Design

Status: On going

A very simple massing with elegant lines has formed a modern architecture where the natural light abundantly admits to the interior, blurring the boundary between inside and outside. We did not only create a house, but further than that, a game of light.

We have started with a very simple form, and tried to arrange all the living spaces around an interactive hub – a courtyard – where family members can interact with each other; Mother who is cooking in the kitchen can watch out her children playing in the courtyard; Dad sitting in the dining table can observe his boy who is reading book on the relaxing corner on 2nd level. The whole point is creating a connecting living space where improving the relationship among the family members.

The house has set back quite far from the main road to limit the noise. The main entrance locates on the north side whereas the 2nd one is on the east side, directly entering the kitchen and laundry. Kitchen is arranged in the center of house, allowing the mother can keep observing her children when they playing in the courtyard or around the pool on the south. Connecting with kitchen and forming a large space, the living and dining room are placed on the south area, facing the swimming pool and garden, where receive the abundant daylight during the cold winter. 

In order to avoid the heat sun during the mid-day, an overhang roof is placed above the bedrooms with a wooden ceiling. For the double height living and dining space, a range of skylights towards the east allow the daylight during the morning to penetrate into the interior, reflecting on the stucco walls and wooden ceiling.

The final outcome is a simple and sophisticated design where modern style is respected in the highest level. And also we can find out the harmony between architecture and nature through this design.